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Labuan, Malaysia




The island of Labuan in Malaysia is situated off the north-west coast of Borneo. It is strategically located in the heart of the Asia-Pacific region, a rapidly growing region in the world today.

The government of Malaysia declared Labuan an International Offshore Financial Centre (IOFC) on 1st of October 1990. Labuan offers low tax jurisdiction rendering only a nominal tax of 3% or RM20,000 (US$5,260) on trading activities and NO tax on investment holding income. As a premier IOFC, it offers the following:-

  • Low operating cost
  • Central location with similar time zone with most major cities in Asia
  • Simplicity of operation with one stop agency - the Labuan Offshore Financial Services Authority (LOFSA)
  • Separate set of offshore legislation
  • Full banking services
  • Political stability
  • Full support and commitment of the Government
  • Modern and complete infrastructure facilities
  • Double tax agreements with 54 countries
  • Sound legal framework
  • Secrecy provisions
  • Clean image
  • Low profile

Please visit LOFSA's homepage for more information on Labuan IOFC.

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