ITMC Fiduciary Limited - Labuan, Malaysia

Labuan, Malaysia



Company formation

  • incorporation of offshore companies
  • registration of foreign offshore companies
  • transfer of domicile to and from Labuan

Managed companies

  • provision of resident directors
  • provision of resident secretary
  • provision on nominee shareholder
  • provision of registered office and infrastructure
  • provision of communication facilities

Registrar and transfer agent

  • processing new issue applications
  • maintaining the shareholder register
  • processing share transfers
  • dividend and interest paying agents
  • conducting proxy

Offshore bank administration

  • application for offshore banking and offshore investment banking licence
  • acting as authorised agents
  • provision of registered office

Trust services

  • fiduciary services
  • custodian services
  • custodian trustee for funds
  • custodian trustee for debenture holders


  • opening of bank accounts in major currencies either with banks in Labuan or elsewhere
  • monitoring of bank accounts via electronic means (subject to availability of such service at the banks concerned)
  • payment services
  • facilities to support international trading companies

Fund administration

  • assistance with documentation
  • custody of assets
  • subscription and redemption
  • shareholder record keeping

Miscellaneous services

  • full accounting services
  • invoicing
  • application of employment permits and visas
  • application of investment licences

Please contact us should you require further information on any of the above services.

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